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FREE IPhone Apps – today only

I found out that some of my favorite apps were free for Valentines day. These are IPhone apps but they may also be available for Android. You will LOVE them!





Painting 1

Although many of students come to my class having never painted,(or at least not since elementary school) I think they did a great job.

This project took 1.5 days to design and 5 days of painting. This was a chance to practice what we had previously learned and for most, this was a chance to practice mixing paint colors for the first time. Such fun!

Students were divided into groups of Three and the group leader chose one element and one principle out a bag. Sort of like a raffle!

Each group were given the freedom to paint whatever they wished, however; the chosen element and principle had to be the focus, and, just for fun, they were not allowed to use paintbrushes!

It was messy but fun. It’s a real creative challenge to come up with ideas about what to use to paint. Everyone was really busy that week but I think they turned out great. Can you guess the Element and Principle behind each image?










Bellringer 2/13/12

I’ve was checking out the fashions on the BAFTAs last night. Movie stars wear the strangest things sometimes. If you were a fashion designer for a movie star, who would it be? What would your outfit for them, look like? Draw a picture in your sketchbook.
News Coverage


Bell ringer 2/9/12

What is your favorite Website? Please share the link.


Painting 1 are having to be REALLY creative with their Elements and Principles projects. Each group has to focus their painting on one element and one principle. The only rule was that they couldn’t use brushes to paint with. It’s messy but fun!



Sign Up Day

Today you have to sign up for a free wordpress account. You will use this to comment on posts.


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Which piece of Equipment would you like to have? What can you do with it?

If we had this equipment in class, what could we do for a lesson?

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