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Stop Animation

When I returned to school after maternity leave, my students were in the midst of a stop animation project. It was interesting to see how they used their critical thinking and collaboration skills to problem solve. Being the first time for a project like this, there were many unknown challenges. The final results were quite fun and will be posted soon!

Photo 1+5 – Making changes to the object that is being animated.

Photo 2 – Working on a soundtrack in Adobe Premiere

Photo 3 – Melting characters for the ending.

Photo 4 – Taking one of the hundreds of shots needed for an animation.






Back to Blogging

I haven’t updated my blog for some time as I’ve been out on Maternity leave. While I was gone, I paid a visit to Teacher’s Treasures, a place for teachers to collect donated supplies.

One if the items on offer was glitter glue sticks. I left with a huge bag of them and no idea how they would be used!

On Thursday, I presented the glitter sticks to my New Tech Craft Club and we started to brainstorm ideas. There are several mini projects in the works but I really liked one student’s fashion accessorising as she melted the sticks and began to personalise her shoes. I can’t wait to see what else these creative kids do.


Painting 1

Although many of students come to my class having never painted,(or at least not since elementary school) I think they did a great job.

This project took 1.5 days to design and 5 days of painting. This was a chance to practice what we had previously learned and for most, this was a chance to practice mixing paint colors for the first time. Such fun!

Students were divided into groups of Three and the group leader chose one element and one principle out a bag. Sort of like a raffle!

Each group were given the freedom to paint whatever they wished, however; the chosen element and principle had to be the focus, and, just for fun, they were not allowed to use paintbrushes!

It was messy but fun. It’s a real creative challenge to come up with ideas about what to use to paint. Everyone was really busy that week but I think they turned out great. Can you guess the Element and Principle behind each image?











Painting 1 are having to be REALLY creative with their Elements and Principles projects. Each group has to focus their painting on one element and one principle. The only rule was that they couldn’t use brushes to paint with. It’s messy but fun!



Creative Color Wheels

We are currently working on color wheels in Painting 1 class. Here are just a couple of creative and tasty color specimens that were brought in for our display. The due date for projects is tomorrow so check back soon as I will add a few more creative samples as the come in!



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