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Value Charts

A great way to reinforce color and use up scrap paper. Students in Painting 1 created 4 ten box areas to color. They used black and white paint, colored paint, colored pencil and drawing pencil. Students created examples of shades and tints. This will translate into their larger paintings.






Design Matrix

Painting 1 students studied the elements and principles of art and began a new “secret” watercolor project, more on that later. Right now we are working on design ideas using a matrix. Initial ideas will develop into thumbnail sketches and eventually a finished paintings.





Spring is here!

Computers in Design class were so excited to work outside today. Sometimes a change if scenery is a creativity booster. Here the students are working on animations. They are project planning, making group contract, investigating collaboration tools on their phones and drawing storyboards. A productive day.




Color Your World

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Color is all around us, but how many of us really pay attention to it. By this, I mean, think about why things are certain colors?

All of my art and technology classes begin their journey of creativity by learning about the basic element of color and how it affects they way they will have to think about their paintings and designs. Colors emit emotions. Colors are used to enhance ideas. Color is used in marketing to sway our thoughts about a product or service. While most of us feel this subconsciously, my students are now aware of how color is woven into their lives. Every student is now armed with knowledge  and held responsible for color selections in their future lessons.




Hello world!

Finally! Welcome to my new blog. My goal is to have this blog be an extension of my Twitter Feed (@mrscatlin) and a place to share student’s work and ideas. Please feel free to comment as constructive criticism and of course praise is always appreciated. The students at Decatur Central High School are very talented so please stop by regularly or add us to your RSS feed.


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