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Light Painting

We had fun making light paintings today. Here are two students posing for a painting. This one was shot by Mohamed and painted by Mrs Catlin.


Painting 1

Although many of students come to my class having never painted,(or at least not since elementary school) I think they did a great job.

This project took 1.5 days to design and 5 days of painting. This was a chance to practice what we had previously learned and for most, this was a chance to practice mixing paint colors for the first time. Such fun!

Students were divided into groups of Three and the group leader chose one element and one principle out a bag. Sort of like a raffle!

Each group were given the freedom to paint whatever they wished, however; the chosen element and principle had to be the focus, and, just for fun, they were not allowed to use paintbrushes!

It was messy but fun. It’s a real creative challenge to come up with ideas about what to use to paint. Everyone was really busy that week but I think they turned out great. Can you guess the Element and Principle behind each image?










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